Cubiculum hair salon is very close to Sannomiya Station Kobe.

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  • 松島 優生

    Yuuki Matsushima

    sex Male
    birthday July 26th
    position BOSS
    stylist For more than ten years
    off Every Monday and the third Tuesday
    comment I can help you with any concerns you have
    about your hair and scalp.
    hobby Taking care of plants.
  • 新卓 良祐

    Ryosuke Shintaku

    sex Male
    position Stylist
    stylist For three years
    off Every Monday and the third Tuesday
    comment One by one I like to find a suitable style for everyone. By looking at each person’s
    individual fashion, makeup, lifestyle etc
    I can create a hairstyle that best suits you.
    hobby Riding my road bike, studying English and
    being a DJ.