Cubiculum hair salon is very close to Sannomiya Station Kobe.

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  • A never seen before salon atmosphere

    When you open our antique stained glass door you will enter into
    our shop that is full of old fashioned European furniture and

  • Cubiculum

    The word Cubiculum is taken from the Latin Language which means
    ‘living room’ in English.
    The definition of living room changes from person to person but
    our idea of a living room is a place where you can relax, meet other people, then share and learn about various topics.
    We think it would be great if you could not only become good friends with
    the staff but also the person sitting next to you.

  • Why we choose a Latin Words

    The reason why we choose a Latin word for our shop name is because
    a great number of languages in the world originate from the Latin
    language and we hope that a lot of new things will originate from our shop.